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Lori J. Bridges – Hahn


Client Love Notes


“the echoes of kinds words are truly endless”

 Every client or couple holds a special place in our hearts, and we so appreciate it when they share their love for us!  Read these testimonials to hear from our clients and friends about their events.

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TLC Events & Weddings

Lori J. Bridges – Hahn


Client Love Notes


“the echoes of kinds words are truly endless”

 Every client or couple holds a special place in our hearts, and we so appreciate it when they share their love for us!  Read these testimonials to hear from our clients and friends about their events.

“…made our day perfect!”

“Lori is absolutely AMAZING. You can tell she loves what she does and is very good at it. Highly knowledgeable, proficient and runs a tight ship. Thank you for making our day perfect!

Tracy Collins

Bride, Groom, Veil
Bride, Groom, Veil

“Will make your day, your moment, incredible!”

The nutshell: Our absolutely amazing wedding and ceremony were at a non-traditional location (we rented a 20-acre lodge with oversized barn/garage for our reception), located FAR away from the nearest city, and we pulled it off in 12 weeks. Because we hired Lori.

The story:  My husband and I have too many projects.  We were also coordinating 2 cross-country household moves, job changes, and more. 12 weeks before the wedding we got down to business and realized we needed help.  I wanted someone creative and crafty who was used to dealing with unique situations and addressing them well.  I found TLC Events & Weddings from a Facebook post and checked out her website.  Across all of her reviews, I found every point of complexity I could think of with our setup (quick turnaround, always responsive and great to work with, remote location, extra guest management, transportation, and a bunch of other things).  We talked the next day and I really appreciated when she jumped in right away to offer suggestions for ways the challenges could be addressed and ones I hadn’t thought of. She didn’t even try to sell me on the full planning package (which I clearly needed). In contrast, I had spoken to another wedding planner with an impressive book – but she offered nothing in the consultation and only tried to sell the highest package. But I didn’t need cookie-cutter, “done it a hundred times” planner; I needed someone creative, flexible, who knew what to look out for, would know what “done” looks like, and how to fill in all the gaps to get there.

Suffice it to say, finding vendors for a remote location, in October, within our price range and matching our style, is difficult! With Lori’s help, we were able to have our dream wedding within budget and at a fraction of the price it should have cost…she just kept working at it until it fit.


It’s not ideal, but due to everything else we had going on at the time (including 2 deaths in the family), I was not able to “plan” with Lori pre-wedding day as much as she (or I) wanted. She puts in so much work beforehand to make sure everything goes perfectly. She writes it down and pre-coordinates with everyone.  And all the critical elements were done prior — timeline, flow, etc. But for ours, she had to wing a lot more of it and hear from me the night before / morning of (about decorations and setup, final gaps). Which I’m pretty sure would scare the heck out of most planners.

She was 100% prepared. Everyone knew what they were doing. I gave them a bunch of boxes of decorations, the basics of what I wanted, and left creative licensing for the rest. Lori and her team had headsets for everyone to communicate. She split the staff between church and lodge to start. And GO! It was amazing. Everything went so well!! And it looked even better than I had hoped! Lori kept us on schedule and everything moving. We got in everything we wanted to and all that was important to us! Lori took special care to make sure the items we requested were all included and covered. All the way down to the Fireworks!

Behind the scenes, I found out later the Murphy’s Law components she had to deal with. There is no cell reception on the 20-acre property (e.g. no texts or calls). The headsets she brought (since no cell reception) also didn’t work well across the property, so they had to talk / coordinate / pivot in person. One of her helpers had also become very ill (I had no idea – nobody saw anything). The rest of the staff picked up wonderfully and we never knew. And on top of all the day-of challenges, Lori had a very major family emergency earlier in the week (it was a real possibility she wouldn’t be able to be there). But she still made it work. Seamlessly. Her work ethic is second to none, she is extremely conscientious, and she will make your day or your event the sole focus of hers so you can live in the moment and truly enjoy it.

The best thing a bride can say is “It was my perfect day!” And they may not know the detail that went into the day, or all the challenges behind the scene. But in this case, we do. We know and we greatly appreciate how amazing Lori and her entire team were! Both of our moms were amazed by her, guests (prior brides) told me she was wonderful, too. I was really lucky to find her, and actually miss not talking to her everyday now. Thanks, Lori!

Our day was perfect, and our wedding was “us”, through and through. We, quite literally, could not have done it without you!  We highly recommend Lori. She’s great and will make your event, your day — your moment — incredible.

Erica & Russ

“My angel in so, so many ways!”

I literally cry thinking about how much you made such an awful turn of events into a day I can always remember and smile about! Thank you for making my day all about me & taking so much stress off me!! You were my angel in so, so many ways! I can never thank you enough!

I met Lori when purchasing tablecloths from her & quickly was able to vent my chaotic life before the wedding to her. She then contacted me and was more than willing to help in any means necessary! She & Shannon pulled together to make my day less stressful. Her decorating was amazing! Thanks to her & Shannon, the church & reception were gorgeous! Keep in mind, she agreed to do all this with the wedding in less than 2 weeks! She seriously was a Godsend! I don’t know how I could have pulled this wedding off without her!!

Becky & Bryan

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“An investment in your sanity; an absolute must!”

Lori and her team were absolutely amazing. They were patient and organized on a day with lots of stress. The bride did not have to worry about a thing! Lori is an investment in your sanity and an absolute must to include in your wedding budget. The ceremony and reception hall looked gorgeous and every detail was perfect. It was so nice to not have to worry about the tear down of the reception hall. I would recommend her and her team to any bride to be!  


“…very helpful; created a detailed timeline!”

“Once Covid started to affect my wedding planning, my mom decided that it was time to find someone to help while adjusting wedding planning. Lori was quick to respond and very helpful when it came to creating a detailed wedding timeline that was easy to follow to help our wedding day run smoothly. By the time she was hired, I had a lot of my wedding vendors picked out and planned, but I’m sure that when she is hired to be with you start to finish through the wedding process, she would be a large help in selecting vendors as well.”

Erin & Nick Houser

“Perfect planner for the job!”

Due to COVID restrictions, the initial plans for my daughters May 8th, 2021 wedding just would not work with out un- inviting half of the guest list. It was March, 2021, with full restrictions in place and no dancing allowed . My daughter was so upset and cried many nights with us wondering what to do. I decided to look for a wedding planner to help us switch plans ,with only two months to go, so that she would have a wedding day of her dreams. I am so happy that I found and hired Lori! I first appreciated her only charging for services we exactly needed . She only takes a certain amount of weddings each year, so had the time to give us personal attention, and was very quick to answer back with any questions or concerns. We found a beautiful location at Clovernook Country Club, and Lori was great in setting up the necessary appointments, contacting all the vendors to arrange a new time line for the change in locations, and meeting with us to discuss all the fine details that I would never had planned for or thought of. Honestly, it took so much stress off of my daughter and myself to know that she was scheduling and detailing every thing, and that she would be at the reception area to make sure everything was delivered and set up properly, also being there through out the day for smooth running of it all. Hiring a wedding planner was the best investment in helping us plan a beautiful day for my daughter, and Lori was the perfect planner for the job!

Judy Belanger (MOB, Houser Wedding)

“Your time, effort & attention to detail was very much appreciated!”

Thank you so much for all your help with the wedding.  It turned out exactly like we wanted and we know we couldn’t have done anywhere near as well without your help.  All your time and effort and attention to detail was very much appreciated!

Samantha & Adam Davidson

“We could not have done it without you!”

Words cannot express our gratitude for your calm, guiding hand as we prepared for today.  You have done an outstanding job, in spite of us getting in your way.  Seriously, we absolutely could not have done it without you.  You gave us 150% — and it is much appreciated!

Lauren Enda (MOB; Davidson Wedding)

“Made my wedding dreams a reality!”

I cannot express how great TLC Events and Weddings is. Lori was such a relief in the craziness of planning a wedding. She orchestrated the whole day beautifully. Lori was with me through most of my engagement to help in every aspect of wedding planning. August 10, 2019 was the day of our wedding and I was blown away by her and her staff. They made all of my wedding dreams reality, down to the smallest details. Her coordination of all the wedding processes was immaculate, and allowed for a smooth transition the whole night. I was blessed to have Lori and her staff at my wedding! I recommend TLC to anyone planning their big day, with Lori you are always in good hands! Thank you for everything, and I am grateful to have gained a great friend in this process!

Lori and her staff flawlessly made my wedding dreams a reality. She treated us like family throughout the whole planning process, and went to many appointments with us, even providing recommendations at many times. On the day of the wedding, every detail was executed immaculately! Everything down to the smallest detail was perfect and the entire day ran smoothly thanks to Lori’s coordination! I cannot image how the day would have goneif I did not have Lori and her staff by my side! I am so blessed I had the pleasure of working with Lori. I would 10/10 recommend TLC to anyone planning a wedding! Thank you Lori for everything, we appreciate you so very much!!!

Brittany & Forest

“Absolutely incredible; made our day magical!”

Wow, where do I begin? I am SOO glad I caved and decided to seek a wedding planner. Hiring Lori of TLC Events & Weddings, LLC was the best decision my husband and I could have made for our wedding.

Among many things she did, Lori worked closely with all my vendors and also very hard to create a timeline that allowed us to make the most out of our day.

On the day of my wedding, she and her staff were ABSOLUTELY incredible! Hands down! I am not exaggerating. They were ‘beasts’! I can’t believe how diligently they worked to pull everything off just so we could feel like guests at our own wedding!

Lori, Shannon, Rachel… THANK YOU for making our day magical. I will never forget how smoothly our big day went because of the teamwork of all of you.

All our love and respect, Henrietta & Jonathan

Henrietta & Jonathan

“Above & beyond to take the stress out of wedding planning!”

As our wedding planner, Lori showed exactly why she chose the name Tending Loving Care. Every step with our wedding planning process was easy and made us feel special. Any planning ideas or changes were easily discussed and incorporated into the planning process via text, meeting, and the online client portal. Lori went above and beyond to take the stress out of wedding planning. She worked around our busy schedules and particular wants & needs to coordinate vendor options and meetings, so we could focus on each other during this special chapter in our lives.

Taylor & Linden

“We cried tears of happiness!”

After 25 years of marriage my wife and I decided to renew our wedding vows. I wanted to give her the wedding I could not give her when we got married (December 8, 1992). Darla originally wanted a summer wedding but that did not happen.  I went to Lori Osborne of TLC Events & Weddings in February 2017 and asked if she could help me put together a vow renewal ceremony that would replicate a wedding. Lori said, “Let’s get started!”

As we went through the questionnaires and the details of what we wanted, Lori made it fun for both of us. Then it came time to make a change to the date – instead of December 8, I changed it to July 22 so as to give my wife her wish for a summer ceremony. Without fail, Lori stepped up and put together a plan to make this date happen.  At this point Darla had no idea what to expect. We used our church for the venue and Lori (along with her assistant, Rachel Feltner) completely transformed our small church into a place of elegance, from the setting in the sanctuary to the décor downstairs for the reception.

As Christians, we had specific feelings and emotions that we want to emphasize and Lori met every need that could be thought of. It is in my opinion that she met our needs, wants and desires for this ceremony from the color scheme to the renewal ceremony itself.  I want to thank TLC Events & Weddings for such an unforgettable event. As we left the church, we cried with tears of happiness for having such a beautiful and elegant ceremony.

Jeff & Darla

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