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Lori J. Bridges – Hahn


TLC Services


“All you have to do is have fun!!”

Party Planning
Corporate Events
Wedding Planning & Management
Plus Your Own Personal Assistant

TLC Events & Weddings

Lori J. Bridges – Hahn


TLC Services


“All you have to do is have fun!!”

Party Planning
Corporate Events
Wedding Planning & Management
Plus Your Own Personal Assistant


I Help Clients With . . .

Wedding Planning

Wedding Management

Birthday Celebrations

Graduation Parties

Engagement Announcement Parties

Bridal Showers

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Baby Showers/Gender Reveal


Family & Holiday Gatherings

Family/School Reunions

Small Corporate Parties/Events

Networking Events

Corporate Holiday Parties


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Service Packages

Prices Start at $975 — Contact Me For Details!

Packages are Fully Customizable to Fit Your Vision, Your Needs & Your Budget


All First Responders (police, fire, EMT), military personnel or veterans, or anyone in the medical field receive a 15% discount!

Decor Set-Up

Something OlD

You’ve planned your entire wedding and need someone to set up the décor on the big day!

A few weeks before the wedding, we will talk about your décor and ensure everything is organized well, so that my team and I will be ready to go the moment we arrive at your venue.

We will be your personal setup crew and take care of the work for you.

At the end of the night, you can drive away with the assurance that everything will be carefully packed away and sent home with a friend or family member.


This package also includes vendor recommendations!



Wedding Management

Something New

More than just setting up your decor, this package will provide you with the peace of mind that your entire day will run smoothly.

It could easily be named “Your Guardian Angel” because 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding, I will take the reins from you and confirm all the details with every vendor to create a wedding day timeline so precise that every moment will run smoothly.

I will help direct the rehearsal and ceremony, and manage the entire day for you.

Your only job is to … relax, have fun and enjoy your Wedding Day!



Wedding Planning

Something Borrowed

This package is perfect for couples who just don’t have time to plan all the details.  I will be with you from start to finish, and even help you plan how you want your wedding to look and “feel” (the aesthetics).  Together, we will develop your vision into an experience you and your guests will remember fondly.

I will handle all the behind-the-scenes logistics leading up to the wedding and then oversee the entire day.  You make all the final decisions, and we create your day together.

Wedding planning can be fun with me by your side every step of the way.


Intimate Weddings

Something Blue

Are you planning a smaller, more intimate wedding?  Perhaps you want to “elope at home” with only your immediate family and closest friends in attendance.

And, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, you may have been faced with the difficult decision to greatly cut your guest list and change your much anticipated wedding plans.  You are no doubt under a lot of stress with contacting all of your vendors all over again to reschedule your big day.

Either way, TLC can help you navigate through all the details of planning a smaller wedding or rescheduling the wedding you have already planned.

A La Carte Services

Silver Sixpence

in Your Shoe

Services performed as part of the above wedding packages (Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed) can be purchased on an a la carte basis.

You might just need help with Venue or Vendor selection, or Flowers, or Guest Management.  Or maybe you just want someone to create a timeline for you and coordinate your day.

Whatever your needs are, TLC can assist you!  Just give me a call to talk about how we can make your day one you will treasure for a lifetime!


More than an Event or Wedding Planner …

Your Personal Assistant for a Day!

When you hire TLC for either Wedding Planning or Management, up to the Wedding Day, I will work with you planning all the details to make the day run smoothly.  Once the day arrives, I’ll have a staff of wedding professionals who help me manage all the things that need taken care of that day.  This varies from decor setup, to helping the guests find their seats, to keeping the vendors running on time.

I, however, become your personal assistant.  Rather than you needing to send someone to find me or one of my assistants because the strap on your dress tore, or your car broke down, or you need a drink of water, you can be assured that I will be right by your side (ok, maybe not hovering over you…just near you and the wedding party) so that I can assist with whatever needs come up during the day.  Your day will go by so quickly, and having to wait for someone to bustle your dress, or find your dad for the pictures, or, well, just about anything … I’ll be right there with you to save precious minutes that can be spent with your new spouse, with your family and friends, or just having FUN!!



Happy Clients

“We cried tears of happiness for such a beautiful and elegant ceremony. You made our vow renewal an unforgettable event.”

“TLC will make your event, your day — your moment — incredible!”

“We were able to fully enjoy our special day with no worries; Lori made it beautiful and perfect for us!”

“Every step of our wedding planning process was easy and Lori made us feel special.” 

It’s Going to be Beautiful!

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