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A picture paints a thousand words …. feel free to browse through my portfolio below.

Bridal Spectacular Show 2017

This was the first bridal show where I had a booth, just a few months after launching my business.  The theme for this booth was “On Cloud 9”.  The décor included rented items from Prime Time Party Rental — the pipe/drape backdrop, table linens, chairs, and the place settings.  The other items — cloud lanterns, doily hot air balloons, cloud centerpieces, and the tall vase with the white “cloud-like” florals were all made by my Décor Design Assistant, Rachel Feltner.  We gave away cloud-shaped stress relievers, and champagne-flavored cotton candy favors made by LaPuf Sweets.

Photos (some):  DoJo Photo, Dorothy & John Turnbull Photography, LLC

Rented Items:  Prime Time Party Rental

Cotton Candy:  LaPuf Sweets

A Bridal Affair Bridal Show

October 15, 2017 @ Hilton Garden Inn – Beavercreek, OH

This was my second bridal show.  The theme for this booth was “Write Your Own Story” and featured vintage books, lanterns and gold-leafed vases, as well as silk & book page flowers, book page lanterns, and folded page books (“I Do” and “Love”) — all made by my Décor Design Assistant, Rachel Feltner.  We also made chocolate “feather pen” candies, Jolly Ranchers melted into a wax seal shape, and caramels made in alphabet molds.  Other décor items included feather pens and inkwells.

Everything you see here was made by TLC Events & Weddings, and this is just one sample of how we can make your event unique and tell YOUR story!

My Victorian Wedding (Lori & Terry)

While planning my own wedding from 2001 to 2002, I caught the planning bug!  Because we chose Benham’s Grove as our venue, we decided to plan a Victorian Wedding!  Benham’s Grove is a historical site, built in the 1800s.  Our wedding included tea cups/saucers as centerpieces (with floating candles in them), bouquets attached to lace fans.  Our colors were burgundy and gold, and we selected flowers that were typically used during Victorian times (aster, baby’s breath, roses).

Venue:  Benham’s Grove

Photography:  Timothy Walter, A Treasured Photograph

Jeff & Darla:  25th Anniversary Vow Renewal

This was my first wedding to plan after launching my business.  My brother-in-law wanted to give his wife the wedding she never had, and celebrate their 25th anniversary with a vow renewal.  The color scheme was red and teal, with silver added to reflect the 25th anniversary.

The couple wanted religious aspects included, so we rearranged the seating in their church into a circle and set down two aisle runners, forming a cross.  We added candle groupings in sets of three to represent the Trinity, with a red candle to represent Jesus.  The centerpieces either included three small vases or four vases with tealight candles placed between them to form a cross.

The ceremony was moving and emotional, and included a “ring warming” — the rings were placed in a bag and passed among the guests to bless them or offer a prayer over them — like renewing the rings while the couple renewed their vows.

During the reception, we played the “Not So Newlywed Game” and all the wrong answers by the couple had everyone wondering if they really had been married for 25 years and knew each other at all!  In the end, though, the bride won the game!  Everyone had some great laughs and it was a lot of fun!

All of the décor was made by TLC Events & Weddings (by myself and my Décor Design Assistant, Rachel Feltner), and Rachel also made the cake (two flavors — lemon with lemon filling and strawberry buttercream icing, and white with cherry filling and plain buttercream icing).

Venue:  Freedom Church Photography:  DoJo Photo, Dorothy & John Turnbull Photography, LLC Food:  Shara Laird

Anita & Steve’s Wedding

This 2007 wedding took place on a docked boat on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, across from Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was the third marriage for both the bride & groom, and the wedding party consisted of their children!  The décor was simple and the event was casual and fun.

Cake:  Sam’s Club (Cincinnati)

Photography:  TLC Events & Weddings

Local Artist Party

I planned this event while working for the City of Trotwood.  A local resident — Rusty Harden — was opening an art gallery of her work and the City wanted to host a preview of her artistry.  Rusty’s artwork has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning (the sun artwork).

Photography:  DoJo Photo, Dorothy & John Turnbull Photography, LLC

Write Your Own Story Theme

I had a booth at the Dayton Pride Festival in June 2017, using a mini version of the Write Your Own Story theme.  Everything was made by my Décor Design Assistant, Rachel Feltner, including the candy “feather pens”.

CD Release Party

My husband is a musician (guitarist) and released his first CD album (2-CD set, “ElectricAir” and “Dancing With The Mermaids”) in December 2016.  He asked me to plan a small party to celebrate the release of the CD on CD Baby.  The décor included CD’s hanging from our dining room chandelier, cupcakes with small “records” on top of them, and other musical elements.  Every guest received one of the CDs.

Cupcakes:  Tiers of Sugar

CD Purchase:  CD Baby

Rachel’s 16th Birthday Party

My daughter wanted a unique party for her 16th birthday and asked for a Murder Mystery.  I purchased a party online with a James Bond theme.  But … the entire party was scripted and my daughter didn’t think her friends would enjoy that.  So … I took the entire script and turned it into three games.  We had a scavenger hunt for clues, two tables of poker (using chips only!) with the winner of each table getting more clues, and then a Nerf gun shooting game (targets placed outdoors with points and two teams formed).  Each person on the winning team won more clues.  Everyone who won a clue had the option of keeping it to themselves, sharing it with one person, or sharing it with the entire group of guests.  We kept some of the script and each guest was a character and read their lines.  At the end of the party, everyone had to guess who the murderer was and the motive — and the winner received a movie theater gift card.

The cake was in the shape of Bond’s car, the Aston Martin, and we had non-alcoholic fruit martinis.  My daughter even made sweets that looked like hors d’oeuvres – salmon on a bed of rice (candy on a Rice Krispie bar), oysters on the half shell (candy on a white chocolate shell), and other items.  Everyone loved it!

We even had a “dead body” (see photos!)

Cake:  The Cake Shop


My Christmas Tablescape has evolved since the first one in 2014.  The gallery shows images from the 2014 décor, 2016 and 2017.  I have also included photos of my 2017 Thanksgiving Tablescape.

Community Gala Charity Fundraiser

While I worked for the City of Trotwood, the Mayor (Joyce Sutton Cameron) was involved in a charity that provided meals through after school programs.  I was part of a committee that planned and decorated a community gala fundraiser, that included a buffet dinner, delicious desserts, and dancing to the music of the Kim Kelly Orchestra.

Venue & Catering:  Hara Arena

Photography:  Jan Hankins

Music:  Kim Kelly Orchestra

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