Wedding season is in full swing and by now, brides and grooms have likely seen and read too many articles about current wedding trends for 2017 and 2018.  Your minds are probably flooded with what’s in, what’s hot, and what’s out.  And through it all, you are trying to figure out how to make your wedding unique and an event that reflects who YOU are!  You don’t want to be a trend follower — you want to be a trendsetter and create your OWN style!

Top Wedding Trends According to Brides Magazine


  1. A comeback of color.  Less florals and more props, hanging centerpieces and lighting patterns on walls, ceilings and floors.
  2. Elaborate entrances — and not just at the reception but at the ceremony also.  This can include extraordinary decor or even entertainment (sparklers, dancers) as guests make their way to their seats.
  3. Destination weddings.  Iceland, Canada and Italy are becoming quite popular.  But, keep in mind that many of your friends and family may not be able to attend due to the high cost of travel.  If eloping is an option for you — or a very small and intimate gathering — this may be the choice for you.  But if you want to be surrounded by many loved ones, have your wedding close to home!
  4. Virtual planning.  Couples today are on the move and want everything at their fingertips.  There are many online sites to help you with planning your wedding — and you can always opt to hire an experienced wedding planner to handle all the details for you.
  5. Vertical decor  Couples are looking “up” for inspiration these days — draping ceilings in elaborate fabrics and lighting, hanging flowers and decorations from ceilings, incorporating chandeliers and large candelabras.
  6. Organic, garden florals.  Pantone has named green as the color of the year, and more and more weddings are incorporating greenery garlands with organic florals for bouquets and centerpieces.
  7. Ice breakers.  Couples are opting for food stations rather than buffets or plated dinners.  We are also seeing more and more games added to receptions.
  8. Neutral tones paired with metallic are also quite popular this year.  Greys, beiges and creams paired with gold, silver and glass.
  9. Over-the-top gowns.  The ballgown is making a comeback, as well as gowns with removeable skirts so that the reception dress is shorter than the gown.
  10. Never-ending food.  Starting with an elaborate cocktail hour, to a full meal with numerous choices, to midnight suppers and after-parties — the food seems to go on and on!  Do your guests really need to eat non-stop for 4 or 5 hours?
  11. Unique desserts.  Weddings aren’t just about cake anymore.  Couples are leaning towards candy and dessert buffets, and moving away from the traditional tiered wedding cake.
  12. Technology.  Couples are using Snapchat filters and 3D printing to create cake toppers, favors, menu cards, etc.  We are also seeing more live-streaming, especially with destination weddings.
  13. Charitable donations.  More and more couples are asking for donations to their favorite charities in lieu of gifts.

Admittedly, all of these wedding trends are interesting and can be quite beautiful and special.  But ….


How Do You Create Your OWN Style?

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Especially when there is such an emphasis on current trends?  Who decided these were the trends in the first place?  Shouldn’t your wedding reflect who YOU are as a couple and be meaningful to YOU?

I say YES!  Do you really want to have a barn wedding just because it’s the current “trend”?  Or spend tons of money on over the top decorations and end up skimping on the food — or the photographer?

TLC Events & Weddings can help you determine your own style through a series of questionnaires which will determine your colors and theme, aesthetics and mood of the wedding, and help you prioritize the aspects that are most important to you — where you should spend your money!

Don’t find yourselves caught up in following the current wedding trends just because someone you don’t even know has mysteriously decided what is and is not trendy.  Develop your OWN style which reflects your interests and your relationship with each other!

Be a trendsetter — not a trend follower!  Contact me today to see how I can help you have a wedding that is UNIQUELY YOU!

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  • Top 13 Trends of 2017 courtesy of Brides Magazine
  • Photos courtesy of Pexels and Pixabay