When planning a wedding, it seems like you have a million things to remember – booking the venue and the Officiant, hiring a caterer and cake baker, selecting a photographer, choosing flowers – and the list goes on.  But have you remembered to keep your wedding bridal party informed along the way?  Read on for 10 tips for the bridal party to know before your wedding!

Shopping With Your Wedding Bridal Party


Wedding Bridal Party - TLC Events & Weddings You should schedule your shopping trips several weeks ahead of time to ensure that everyone in your bridal party is available on the designated date(s).  You may want to determine ahead of time what style shoes everyone will wear and, for the ladies, the heel height.  Both men and women should bring their shoes with them on shopping trips for dresses and tuxedos.  Make sure you plan enough time for the first outing so that you can visit numerous shops if needed.  Everyone will need time to select and try on various outfits.  And, the larger your wedding party, the more time you will need.  You and your fiancé can schedule shopping trips separately with your own bridal party members – or make a party of it for everyone and include time for a meal together (breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner)!


>Hair Styles for the Ladies

You may not have a preference as to how your ladies wear their hair, but in some cases, you may be purchasing a bejeweled/floral barrette or hair comb that you want them to incorporate into their hairstyle.  Meet with your gals – separately or together – to practice with various hairstyles.  Remember – they know how their hair behaves, so don’t devalue their input!


Wedding Timeline

Wedding Bridal Party - TLC Events & WeddingsDon’t forget to provide copies of your timeline to every member of the bridal party (and the parents/grandparents, too!).  Whether you create your timeline yourself or if you have a wedding planner/coordinator handling this, every person who plays a role in the ceremony (and reception) should be included in the timeline.  Important information would include:

  • Arrival time and location for getting hair/makeup done and getting dressed
  • Arrival time at the ceremony location
  • Transportation arrangements
  • If/when food will be provided
  • The time each person should be lined up for the processional
  • The time they will be introduced at the reception
  • When they will give speeches or toasts
  • When the photographer will expect to meet with each person before/during the ceremony/reception


Accessories List for the Wedding Bridal Party

Be sure to let every member of the bridal party know what accessories they are expected to have, such as hair accessories, tie or lapel pins, cuff links, corsages or boutonnieres, jewelry, shoes, hosiery, gloves, etc.  Give each person a checklist of items so that they won’t forget anything!


What To Bring With Us List

You will also want to provide your bridal party with a list of other items to bring with them on the wedding day, like bandaids, pain relievers, antacids, personal hygiene items, etc.  You may have your own “emergency kit” that they can use, but they will need to bring their own personal items!


Responsibilities for Your Wedding Bridal Party

Wedding Bridal Party - TLC Events & WeddingsEach member of your wedding bridal party needs to know from the start what their responsibilities will be.  Some members may just need to walk down the aisle and stand as a witness for you.  Others may need to perform a reading or speech, while others may need to be at your side through the entire event to help you with all of your own needs.  Don’t forget – your maid/matron of honor and the best man will hold your rings and possibly your vows for you!  And, the maid/matron of honor and best man carry the greatest responsibility before the wedding day — planning showers and parties, shopping with you, contacting the other members of the bridal party, and more.  So when you ask them to participate in these roles, be sure to let them know what you will expect from them throughout the process.


Pre-Wedding Parties

If you are having a bachelor or bachelorette party before the wedding, your bridal party members – especially the ones planning the party – should know your wishes ahead of time.  For instance, if you want a personal products party, just how much do you want to see at the party?  If you are going to a strip club, how close or far away from the dancers do you want to be?  Also, be sure that whoever is planning your parties assigns designated drivers, taxis or a limo so that everyone stays safe!


Comfortable Clothes & A Change of Shoes

Make sure your bridal party members wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  Until the time they are required to change into the bridal attire, ladies will especially want to have a change of shoes so that they are not wearing those heels the entire day (only until necessary!).  Ladies will also want to wear button-up shirts or blouses while getting their hair and makeup done so that clothing does not  to be removed over their heads. It may be fun to provide your ladies with robes to wear while getting ready.


Your “Go To” Person

Wedding Bridal Party - TLC Events & Weddings On your wedding day, make a promise to yourself.  Put your cell phone away, don’t log into Facebook or any other social media.  Just spend the day relaxing, enjoying your friends and family, and getting ready for that wonderful moment when you both will say “I do.”  Make sure to let everyone in your bridal party know who your “go to” person will be. This could be a friend or family member who does not have a role in the wedding or your wedding planner.  Include this person’s cell phone number on your timeline.  Be sure everyone understands that they should contact you through this designated person so that you are not interrupted unnecessarily.



Remind everyone that this is a happy occasion and be sure to bring their smiles!  There’s nothing worse than photos of people walking down the aisle with no smile – it’s a wedding after all!

Have any other tips for your bridal party?  Share them in the comments.  Contact TLC Events & Weddings to see how I can help you with all of your Wedding Planning or Wedding Day Management needs.

With Tender Loving Care,