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Lori J. Osborne

Event & Wedding Planner/Design Consultant


Weddings Are My Passion!

Lori J. Osborne

Who Is Lori Osborne?

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them, “I am a certified event and wedding planner in Dayton, Ohio.”

What I really want to say is, “I have the MOST AMAZING JOB EVER!  I get to plan parties and create lifetime memories for people.”

I love weddings and celebrations!  I mean, who can say their job is creating a romantic wedding one day, preparing for a music CD launching the next, and, oh, did I mention creating a dead body for a James Bond murder mystery party?  Bringing joy and fun to people’s lives has always been my passion and I never grow tired of it.  Simply put, I take YOUR stories and share them with your guests in a very unique way.

Before Becoming a Planner…

In my previous life, I was an executive level administrative assistant and gained exceptional organizational skills and an eye for details — which means that I will leave no stone un-turned when planning your wedding!  Fifteen years ago, as I was planning my own wedding, I caught the “planning bug” and realized this has been my dream for years.  Simply put — I fell in love with everything WEDDING!

You Deserve the Best Wedding Experience!

I planned weddings for friends.  I planned many events for employers.  But, when I decided to become a planner full-time, I knew I wanted every couple to have the BEST experience possible.  After all, this is a very special day for both of you and you deserve the best, right?

This is why I only plan 6 to 8 weddings every year — so that I can give YOU the personal attention you deserve while planning your wedding!

Plus …. I enrolled in the QC Event School.  Eight months and 88 true-to-life assignments later, I graduated with certifications as an International Event & Wedding Planning Professional, Event Décor Consultant, and Luxury Event & Wedding Planner — and am proud to say that I received the school’s Award of Merit for perfect grades on all assignments!  I was able to plan mock weddings and events, contact numerous local vendors for information, and gain some hands-on experience that translates into giving YOU the wedding you have dreamed of since you were a child!

My Free Time…

These days, when I am not planning events, you can find me reading a novel or writing the lyrics to a song, or spending time with my amazing husband, our beautiful daughter, and our dog, Hank Tucker (a Sheltie-Collie).  When we find the time, my husband and I travel to the Smoky Mountains or to Florida to visit our son, his wife and our two adorable grandsons.  Other times, we enjoy spending time with friends or family and laughing away our evenings.  These are my greatest treasures and happiest moments!


5 Fun Facts About Me…

  • I have had three poems published in national poetry anthologies, and once had a poem published in a local newspaper and high school yearbook.
  • When I am in my office, I am surrounded by photos of my ancestors and am very involved in researching my genealogy.  I have traced my father’s side of the family to 1500s England under Henry VIII and my mother’s to 1600s Germany.  I even learned that I am related on dad’s side to Cordell Hull, Secretary of State to F.D. Roosevelt during WWII and on mom’s side, to Charles Kettering!
  • Besides having a dog, I also have a pet frog and a bear!  Okay, so they are stuffed animals but they sit on the love seat with me and comfort me when I am not feeling my best.  My loving husband surprised me with both of these animals and knew I would love how soft and squishy they are!
  • I love going fishing with my husband — but NO WAY am I touching the worm OR the fish!  And one time, when he was teaching me to cast, I actually threw the entire rod into the pond!  Mostly, I love just relaxing with a good book while he fishes!
  • Besides planning my own wedding at Benham’s Grove in 2002, my husband and I had to take care of all the setups, decorations, and cleanup!  That’s when I knew that every couple deserves a wedding planner and coordinator — so that they can relax, sip some champagne, laugh, and thoroughly enjoy their wedding day!

Achievements, Certificates, Etc.

QC Event School
Association of Bridal Consultants