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Lori J. Osborne

Event & Wedding Planner/Design Consultant


Wedding Planning

When I was planning my own wedding, I realized that it IS possible to have a beautiful and elegant wedding even on a budget!  And on the day of my wedding, when I was told that the caterer forgot the condiments for the sandwiches and that she left before the ceremony took place, even though I asked her to stay to perform the cake cutting — I silently wished that I had hired a wedding planner!  It was that day that I realized I should have been planning weddings all my life — and that every couple deserves to have a planner to help them realize their dream!

But, even before my wedding day arrived, I spent hours upon hours upon hours planning, making phone calls, shopping, visiting venues and cake bakers and caterers.  And, yes, I even received a warning from my employer about the numerous personal phone calls I was making over the span of several months.  Did you know that it takes the average person between 300 and 400 hours to plan their own wedding?  How are you balancing your job, your personal life, and planning a wedding?  Are you feeling overwhelmed and — let’s face it — stressed out?

I offer a variety of packages designed to be customizable and affordable to fit your needs and budget — and to help you have an experience that will be fun and stress-free!  My services are designed with YOU in mind — the journey from the day you said “yes” to the day you say “I do” should be fun and exciting — and your wedding day should be an experience that you AND your guests thoroughly enjoy.  Your wedding should reflect YOU as a couple and as individuals.  Don’t have a “current trend” wedding simply because it’s the trend.  Let your wedding be Uniquely You!  This is why I don’t sell myself as focusing on one specific planning style — I will plan your wedding based on your style and vision!  I will help you write your own story!

I am happy to offer wedding planning to all couples regardless of gender, sexual preferences, religion or culture.  All people deserve happiness, and every couple deserves the wedding of their dreams!

To learn more, contact me to schedule your FREE “Get Acquainted” initial consultation.  You may do this by clicking on the “Contact” page and completing the form.

I am ready to start planning your dream wedding with Tender Loving Care!

Something Old (Partial Planning/Consulting)

Are you asking yourself, “How do I know if I want a formal wedding or something casual?”  You’re not sure how to determine your style or theme.  You just don’t know where to begin!  Worry no more — this package includes all the tools you will need to get you started on planning your beautiful wedding.

  • Questionnaires to determine color schemes, theme, and overall mood/atmosphere for your wedding.  I will sit down with both of you to complete these questionnaires and help you make the choices that tell YOUR story.
  • Vendor recommendations and contact information.  I will guide you to the best vendors in our area that meet your vision, all of your needs, and fall within your budget.
  • Invitation wording and etiquette.  Sometimes, words just fail us or maybe you just don’t have the time to do all the research.  I will do all the legwork and provide you with options so that you can choose the words that resonate with you.
  • Tips for building your guest list.  Families can be difficult sometimes, and when you have to juggle where to seat people, it can become frustrating and overwhelming.  I can offer many tips and suggestions to make the process much easier for you.
  • Ceremony etiquette, including research of religious and cultural rites/rituals.  Researching rites and rituals can often be time-consuming and daunting, especially if you are combining more than one religion or culture into your wedding.  I will relieve you of this burden and do all the work for you.
  • Basic budget spreadsheet.  Managing the budget is probably one of the most important tasks you will have during the planning process.  I will provide you with a very detailed spreadsheet to help you.
  • Planning checklist & timeline.  This checklist will provide you with everything you need to know to plan your wedding — when to book your venue, order your flowers, meet with photographers, etc., etc.  With this tool, you will stay on track all the way to your wedding day.

Starts at $400.00 for up to 20 hours; $35.00 per hour thereafter.

Something New (Wedding Day Management)

You have planned every detail of your wedding and are ready to walk down the aisle!  But have you thought of how the big day will unfold?  Don’t burden a friend or family member with the responsibility of keeping all the vendors and everyone in the bridal party on time and on track.  Instead, select this package so that you can fully relax with no worries and no stress on your big day.  You both should feel like guests at your own wedding! Wedding Day Management begins 45 to 60 days prior to your wedding date and includes:

  • Final confirmations with all vendors via phone or in-person meeting.  I will review every detail with all of your vendors so that I have a full understanding of exactly what you requested for your wedding.
  • Timeline development for every aspect of the ceremony and reception.  I will provide a very detailed timeline to every vendor as well as every member of the bridal party so that everyone knows where to be and when to be there.
  • Attendance at rehearsal to finalize ceremony timeline.  The rehearsal is a very important aspect of your wedding planning — we will run through the ceremony to tweak the order of services and practice timing.  Any revisions to the timeline will be made following the rehearsal and a fresh copy delivered to all involved on the morning of your wedding.
  • Setup/tear-down of ceremony and reception sites.  My Coordination Assistants will take care of all the setups for your ceremony and reception (basic decorations, centerpieces, tablecloths, place settings, chair covers, etc.), and will remain throughout the reception to clear tables (if needed) and clean everything up at the end of the night.  (Additional fees may apply for Coordination Assistants; see “Something Blue” package).
  • Greet and direct vendors.  A Coordination Assistant or I will greet all vendors as they arrive to ensure all goods & services are delivered and set up as contracted.
  • Check wedding party attire/accessories.  I will ensure that all wedding party members have full attire/accessories and are dressed/ready on time.
  • Distribute wedding party flowers.  My Coordination Assistant(s) and I will distribute flowers to all members of the wedding party and assist with attaching boutonnieres as needed.
  • Greet guests and assist with seating.  If requested, my Coordination Assistant(s) can assist designated ushers with greeting and seating guests at both the ceremony and reception.
  • Direct and oversee ceremony (processional through recessional).  You are ready to walk down the aisle.  Take a deep breath and relax because you have hired an experienced wedding planner who will ensure that everything runs smoothly!
  • Manage and oversee reception timeline.  It’s time to party and just have fun!  I will ensure that your DJ knows when to announce your first dance, the cake cutting, speeches, etc.  My Coordination Assistant(s) and I will also ensure that you take some time for yourselves so that you can relax, eat, and just have a great time!
  • Direct guests to guest book & gift tables.  So that you will have a permanent record of who attended your wedding, my Coordination Assistant(s) will ensure that all guests sign the guest book (or whatever fun & unique item you have chosen for this!).  We will also direct guests to the gift table so that all gifts are in one location for us to gather at the end of the reception.
  • Ensure that all vendor gratuities and tips are paid.  Your Best Man/Woman has a job to do — distributing the appropriate tips to vendors.  We will sit down together beforehand to determine tip amounts and place moneys into sealed envelopes.
  • Use of Emergency Kit.  I will provide you with the use of my Wedding Day Emergency Kit, which includes everything from clear nail polish to stop any hosiery runs, to Band-Aids, to finger nail clippers, to needle and threads to fix any rips or tears.
  • Transportation of gifts to designated location.  My Coordination Assistant(s) and I will ensure that all of your gifts are delivered to a location of your choice after the wedding so that you can begin the fun of opening all of them when you return from your honeymoon!

Starts at $1,250.00 for up to 40 hours; $35.00 per hour thereafter.

Something Borrowed (Full Service Planning)

This is my “Full-Service” planning package which includes:

  • Something Old & Something New Packages.
  • Schedule and attend all visits/meetings with venues and vendors.  Don’t spend all of your time making phone calls to schedule meetings with the myriad of vendors!  I will do all the scheduling and can conduct initial meetings with vendors so that your valuable time can be spent doing other things for your wedding.  Of course, you can also attend these meetings if you desire, and I will check with your schedule before confirming any appointments.  I can also attend all dress and tuxedo/suit shopping trips and fittings.
  • Review all vendor contracts before you sign.  Contracts can be filled with a lot of legal jargon and it can be very easy to exclude something in the arrangements.  I will know every detail of your wishes for each vendor, and will ensure that every contract is accurate.
  • Budget management.  Receipts, contracts & payments!  By the time your wedding day arrives, you will feel like you are swimming in paper!  I will keep all of your receipts and contracts, and enter every expense into my budget spreadsheet to ensure you are staying within budget.  I will also remind you whenever any vendor payments are due.
  • Assist with guest list development.  I can help you create your guest list and offer tips for determining where you can make cuts, if needed to stay within your budget.
  • Assist with invitation/stationery selections and wording.  The invitation (or Save-the-Date Card) is the first impression your guests will have about your wedding.  You want it to reflect your style, your wedding theme, and your love for each other.  I will help you locate local stationers or online companies, and assist with your stationery selection.
  • Assist with mailing of invitations.  You have a stack of invitations, RSVP cards, and envelopes sitting on your dining room table.  Are you finding yourself walking past them day after day, putting off the task of addressing all those envelopes?  No worries – I can help you with this and take all your invitations to the post office for you!
  • Track RSVPs.  The RSVPs are coming in and that stack of invitations that cluttered your table a few weeks ago has now been replaced with stacks of RSVP cards.  Don’t get overwhelmed!  Hand them over to me — or better yet, have them addressed to me to begin with — and I will keep track of everyone coming to your wedding.
  • Create reception seating assignments and layout.  Does Aunt Edna not get along with Uncle Charlie?  Where in the world are you going to seat them at the reception?  No need to stress — I will use a modern tool called Aisle Planner to easily create and manage the entire seating layout.
  • Hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests.  Have guests or bridal party members traveling from out of town?  They will need a place to stay.  I will work with you to select a local hotel and arrange for a block of rooms for your guests.
  • Wedding Party Salon & Spa Appointments.  I will work with you to coordinate and schedule spa, hair & makeup appointments for the bridal party.
  • Thank You Cards.  After the wedding, I will assist you with preparing and mailing Thank You cards to guests and vendors.

Starts at $2,750.00 for up to 200 hours; $35.00 per hour thereafter.

Something Blue (Additional Staff)

Coordination Assistants:  TLC Events & Weddings, LLC, will provide additional, fully trained  staff as needed to successfully perform the services you have contracted, including the “Wedding Day Management & Coordination.”  The number of staff will be determined by the number of invited guests (one [1] assistant for every 50 guests).  Additional staff will be billed at $20.00 per hour added to the Wedding Services Contract.

Décor Design Assistant:  Are you wanting to DIY your centerpieces and decorations, but don’t have the time or the ability?  I have one (1) very talented and creative Décor Design Assistant who can work closely with you to design your ceremony and/or reception décor, including backdrops, pew/seat decorations, centerpieces, tablescapes, and other décor elements.  My assistant can also make your centerpieces (and possibly other décor).  The cost of this assistant is $20.00 per hour, plus the cost of materials.

A Silver Sixpence In Your Shoe (Extras)

TLC Events & Weddings can also offer the following “a la carte” extras for an additional cost:

Save the Date Cards, Invitations, Programs, Menus, Favor Tags, Escort Cards/Seating Assignments, Table Numbers, etc.:  I can create your “Save the Date” cards or invitations and have them printed them on invitation card stock (card stock can be purchased at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Walmart; printing can be performed by Office Depot, Staples, FedEx/Kinko’s, etc.).  The cost for this service will be $20.00 per hour, plus the cost of materials.  You would pay for the printing directly with the vendor.

Personalized Song:  My husband and I both write song lyrics, and he is a guitarist.  We will get to know both of you and write something very special for him to perform during your reception.  This service is an additional $400.00.

My Commitment to You:

I Will Plan Your Dream Wedding with Tender Loving Care!

Each year, I take on a limited number of events so that I can focus exclusively on each and every client with the utmost care and attention.  I want to bring your stories and events to life so that you will have lifetime memories to share.  As a wedding planner, I help you create your visions and keep you sane in the process.  I am here to handle all the details and help YOU enjoy your event — because life should be a constant celebration!  So, when you are knee deep in rose petals and paper choices, when you have tasted so much food that everything seems to taste the same, when your future in-laws don’t quite understand what you are talking about, and when your brain is swimming in shades of teal or orchid or burgundy — that’s when I will be there to help you make all the right choices and relieve your stress!

So … how can I help you with your event?  Let’s chat and discover the joy of your upcoming celebration and begin creating another chapter to your story.  Together, we can design your dream wedding — or any other special occasion — so that it will be remembered for many years — yes, even for all eternity!  My promise to you is that I will plan every detail with Tender Loving Care!