Lori J. Osborne

Hello, I’m Lori!

My passion is planning; my joy is your smile!

Bringing joy and fun into people’s lives brings me happiness and I never grow tired of it. I give each and every client my undivided attention, and thrive on seeing your happy smiles.

Let’s Write Your Story!

Weddings are a celebration of love – and a time for you to shine! I will help you share your love story with your guests in a unique and personal way – and create a day that you will truly be able to enjoy!

“TLC will make your event, your day — your moment — incredible!” (Erica V.)

An Experience You Will Remember Fondly…

Wedding planning can certainly be stressful – but I am here to shoulder the burden and spend the necessary hours to bring your vision to life and help you have an experience you will remember fondly.

You will wake up on your wedding day relaxed and refreshed, confident that everything will be beautiful and run smoothly. You won’t lift a finger except to take a sip of your favorite beverage.All you have to do is …. Have Fun!

“…an investment in your sanity!” (Candace T.)

In My Previous Life…

Many years as an administrative assistant developed my eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills. I also had the pleasure of planning numerous employee and public events, including a community gala fundraiser.

Perfectionism is engraved into my very being, and I work very hard to achieve it for every event.

“With all my heart” … a time-worn cliché … but it is how I will help you plan your event and bring your story to life!

“…went above & beyond to take the stress out of wedding planning.” (Taylor & Linden K.)

All of this translates into giving YOU the wedding or event of your dreams!

And I will always hold fast to my commitment to help you plan your day … 


With Tender Loving Care!

TLC Gives Back: Charities That Are Important To Me

Fun Facts About Me…

  • I enjoy reading novels, watching movies, and writing song lyrics. I have had poems published in national anthologies, high school yearbooks, and a local newspaper.  AND …. I am currently writing a fiction novel! 
  • I love all things vintage and Victorian, and especially love incorporating this style into weddings or events that I design. My favorite book/movie of all time is Gone With the Wind, but I also love Casablanca, Titanic, The Wizard of Oz, and Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber version).
  • My favorite vacation spot is the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. It is where I find peace and rejuvenate my mind and spirit.
  • I have been blessed to have reconnected with the love of my life after an 18-year separation.

“You were my angel in so many ways!” (Becky J.)

Hello, I’m Rachel!

I’m the creative wheel behind the scenes, I love all things design, and find it so exciting to bring your story to life.  I began college at Purdue University, took some classes at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, and am now enrolled with the Meadville-Lombard Theological Seminary to pursue my dream of becoming a minister.  I am inspired by the fascinating minds of children and am currently working as a Lead Toddler Teacher at a local daycare.  I spend much of my time very involved in the activities and programs at my church.  

In my role as Lead Assistant, I ensure that everything on your wedding or event day runs smoothly by overseeing everything that needs to be done and directing the other Coordination Assistants. I have an eye for detail and have experience in the event industry, having worked in the Catering Department at Purdue as a Waiter Captain and Student Trainer.

Fun Facts About Me…

  • I began crafting at a very young age and enjoy bringing your vision to life by creating unique and beautiful centerpieces and decor.
  • I am a “Whovian” and love the Dr. Who series. I even crocheted the Doctor’s scarf — not a big deal for someone who never crocheted before. And … it’s only 22 feet long! I can even write in Gallifreyan (the Doctor’s language) and have written “No Man Is An Island” (John Dunn) in that language. I have it memorized, too!
  • Star Trek (current movie series and Next Generation) and the Marvel comics movies are among my favorites – and I love Spock, Data and the Black Panther the most! “Live long and prosper!”
  • I was a member of my high school color guard with the marching band, and became one of the captains during my senior year. I still find myself picking up pencils and spinning them just like I did with the guard flags.

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