CHANGE!  It is an inevitable part of life.  We change our clothes, we change our homes, we sometimes change the route we take to work.  We certainly change our minds, don’t we?  Sometimes, change is thrust upon us without warning.  And sometimes, we make the decision to change something about ourselves, or a situation, or an event we are planning.  Let’s take a look at some tips for navigating through the need to reschedule your wedding.

“Every day the clock resets.  Your wins don’t matter.  Your failures don’t matter.

Don’t stress on what was, fight for what could be.”

Sean Higgins

Let’s face it … wedding planning is often wrought with changes from the moment you say “yes.”  We all have that “pie in the sky” dream wedding in our minds.  We want to “go big or go home,” don’t we?  Reality often sets in and then we begin to STRESS OUT!

Stressed bride crying

Fact:  Wedding Planning is STRESSFUL!

There are hours upon hours of looking at Pinterest, deciding on colors or themes, making phone calls, meeting vendors, choosing dresses and tuxedoes, food tastings … and the list goes on and on.  And let’s not even talk about the headache known as the guest list!

“In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers.”

Fred Rogers

Let’s talk about the reality that is now.  Weddings are even more stressful due to recent events in our country and, in fact, in the world.  Rescheduling has become a way of life for thousands of people planning a wedding this year.  But, you know, even if your wedding hasn’t been affected by the pandemic, there are often other reasons why rescheduling becomes a reality.  And anytime monumental changes happen, stress follows close behind.

But don’t worry.  We’re going to give you some tips for navigating through all the changes and what to ask your vendors as you scramble to reschedule the biggest day of your lives.

Tips for Navigating Through the Need to Reschedule Your Wedding

Tip #1:  Don’t Panic!  We are all hearing the catch phrase, “We are all in this together.”  Well, we truly are in this together!  You are not alone!  Rely on your support group for encouragement and strength.  And remember to just take a deep breath.  Practice yoga.  Take a walk.  Get some fresh air.  Take a long, hot bath in relaxing Epsom salts.

Tip #2:  Call Your Vendors.  Go back to your notes, your wedding binder – whatever you have to keep you organized – and start calling your vendors.  Start with your venue.  This is going to be the driving factor for selecting a new date.  Select 4 to 5 dates that work for your venue, and then go through your list of vendors, starting with the major items such as the caterer and cake baker, then move onto your photographer and videographer.   Give them the different dates that your venue is available so that you can match each vendor up to those dates.

Bubble Bath

Inside Tip:  Consider having your wedding on an “off day” such as Friday evening or Sunday afternoon.  Some people even opt to have their wedding on a weekday.  While this may mean fewer people may be able to attend, it will also open up many more options for your wedding.

At this point, you may be ready to narrow down your options of 5 days down to 2 or 3 dates that work for everyone so far.  Now you should start calling your florist, DJ, photo booth company, rental companies, officiant, etc.

Work through your list slowly to be sure you don’t miss anyone and take your time.

Tip #3:  Be Flexible.  Remember, try to start with 4 to 5 possible dates with your venue and work your way through the rest of your vendors with those options.  But, if you hit a roadblock and start finding out that some or all of your vendors are not available on any of those dates – then don’t hesitate to go back to your venue for more options or even start considering a different venue.  We know this is a difficult decision to make – you likely chose your venue for a specific reason – a theme, a special memory at the location, the scenery or décor.

But when the most difficult decision has been made to reschedule your wedding, flexibility is going to be a key factor in turning all of your hard work and planning into a reality.


Tip #4:  Be Kind!  Everyone understands how disappointed you are that you have to reschedule your wedding.  You may have to choose a date that isn’t ideal for you or wasn’t part of your “dream.”  But try to remember – your vendors are disappointed, too.  Many wedding professionals are also small businesses and they are suffering with lost revenue and uncertain futures.

But there’s something you may not know or realize about vendors in the wedding business.  We aren’t just in this industry because “it’s a job.”  We are passionate about weddings and other celebratory events.  When we meet with couples like you, we are overjoyed and excited and personally invested in helping you have the most beautiful, fun, and happiest day of your lives!

Phone call

So, when we get that phone call from you telling us you have to reschedule, for whatever reason, we are disappointed also.  And not just because we may be losing revenue during this fiscal year.  For us, it’s not just about the money we make.  In fact, it’s mostly not about the money we make.  It’s more about how we can bring smiles to your faces and tears of joy to your eyes.

Your wedding vendors are compassionate about your situation – and we are working very diligently to make sure you still have your special day!

Tip #5:  Know What to Ask Your Vendors.  Obviously, the first thing you ask your vendors is “what other dates do you have available?”  After that, you’re probably asking yourself, “Now what?”  Here’s a short list of questions for you:

  • Will there be any rescheduling fee added to our contract?
  • Will you be preparing an addendum to our contract for us to sign?
  • Will you have any additional requirements or conditions due to the rescheduled date (i.e., unable to perform an outdoor ceremony due to a cold-season date; specific flowers not available during certain seasons; etc.)?
  • If you are not available on any of my possible dates, what is your cancellation policy and fee? Do you have a separate pandemic-related cancellation or reschedule policy? (You should have asked about cancellation policies and fees before you signed a contract with a vendor, but it doesn’t hurt to ask this again just to fully understand what you are facing financially.)
  • If you are not available, can you recommend someone else?

Tip #6:  Let Your Guests Know the New Date.  If you have already sent out your wedding invitations, you can communicate the new date and other information to them via regular mail, phone calls, Facebook post, your wedding website, or even a Messenger group message.  Don’t forget to contact anyone who is not on social media through other means, such as calling or sending them a notecard with the information.

Of course, if you have not yet ordered or sent out your invitations or Save The Dates, then letting your guests know the new date is simple.  You may still want to post something on Facebook just so that those who are on social media can spread the word.

Wedding Invation

Tip #7:  Hire a Wedding Planner!  If you don’t already have a wedding planner – now may be the time to consider hiring one!  A professional and experienced planner can personally help you navigate through all of these difficult decisions and changes.  A planner will call your venue and vendors for you and shoulder the burden so that you can simply relax.  If you have already planned your wedding yourself, you already know how many hours you have spent, so hiring a planner at this point can save you even more time.

A planner can also weed through any newly mandated restrictions and guidelines so that you can rest assured that you will be providing a safe environment for your guests, your families, your wedding party, and yourselves.


Change Is Inevitable!

Throughout all of this, just remember … change is an inevitable part of life.  Change can be stressful.  Planning a wedding can be and is stressful.

But you don’t have to do it alone!  Your vendors are professionals in the wedding industry, and we are here to help you through all the changes.   Don’t pull your hair out, don’t panic, and remember we are here for you. 

Here’s a song for you to enjoy, sung by Jennifer Hudson.

I Am Changing

by Jennifer Hudson

Most importantly … At the end of the day, even if you have to change your date or reduce your guest list, or make any number of other changes to your wedding …..

Remember … you are marrying your soulmate and that’s really all that matters!

I am here to help you navigate through the need to reschedule your wedding!  Visit my website to learn more about my Services.


With Tender Loving Care,


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