Brides Magazine recently published an article discussing the latest unique wedding guest book ideas for today’s couples.  After reading the article, I decided to share their insights with you and add a few ideas of my own.  You can read the full article HERE.

First, let’s take a look at the photos that Brides Magazine published of wedding guest book ideas.  (The large photo above is one of their ideas — acrylic can be signed and then framed to display in your home.)

Wood Sign for a Rustic Wedding
Vinyl Record
Vintage Globe
Card Box
Shadow Box
Wedding Day Memories
Postcards & Mailbox
Jenga Game
Quilt Squares
3-D Frame
Wedding Locale Sign
Message In A Bottle
Heart Cutouts
Under The Stars
Blank Globe
Wood Plaque of Your State
Bucket List Suggestions
Poloroid Selfies

More Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Here are just a few other ideas for unique wedding guest books that may be the perfect fit for you and your wedding, because every couple I talk to is trying to find ways to make their wedding tell their story!

Bible Guest Book

For a 25th anniversary vow renewal that I planned, the couple wanted spiritual and religious aspects reflected during their wedding because of their deep and abiding faith and Christianity.  So, I came up with was to have a Bible guest book.  I found a book that had lined margins on both sides of every page — and the cover was even in their wedding color!

Guests were instructed to highlight their favorite verse (or any verse they found), and then sign their name next to it in the margin.  The couple not only uses the Bible daily, but every time they open it, they are greeted by a short message from every one of their guests!

Blank Pages Book

If you are considering a book themed wedding, buy a blank pages book so guests can write messages on the pages for you. Messages could be their memories of the day, special moments they’ve shared with you, date ideas, or even advice.

These can make for some very fond memories and be a lasting keepsake throughout your lives together.

The book in the photo was calligraphered with the phrase, “Write Your Own Story.”

Decorative Rocks

Smooth, decorative rocks could be signed with permanent markers of different colors and then used to decorate around a candle, put in a glass bowl or vase, or some other creative method of displaying them in your home.

What fun it will be every year on your anniversary to go through each rock and remember all those who helped you celebrate your wedding day!


Plates can also be signed with permanent markers, and then displayed in a China hutch or on a wall with other decorative plates or wall items.

So now you not only have a great way to remember your wedding day but also a way to decorate your home and create a conversation point!

Fun Activity Guest Book

I found this fun activity guest book when I was planning my own wedding.  Each page has two sides and there are many design options available.  Place a page at each seat, or on a table together, with colorful markers or crayons for everyone to use.

As a result of having this as our guest book, everyone had so much fun drawing pictures of us, sharing funny or sentimental memories, and giving their words of advice on these pages.  It was perfect for the children, too!  This was such a great activity for our guests while we were having our photos taken — and we cherish looking through the book every year on our anniversary.

Be Creative … & Just Have Fun!

The possibilities are endless!  If you are having a themed wedding, you can easily find guest book ideas that match.  Just have fun and tap into your creative juices.  The sky’s the limit!

I’d love to hear your ideas on other unique wedding guest book ideas so feel free to comment!

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