Brides spend months, sometimes years, planning their wedding and want it to be memorable and beautiful.  But have you thought about what to do with your gown after the wedding?  There are many options — you can have it cleaned and preserved, sell it, or donate it.

But what happens if you do nothing?  Then you risk having a torn, stained or yellowed gown years later.  Your gown is a special and meaningful part of your wedding and, in fact, may have set the tone for the entire event.  You can preserve the magic and beauty of that day by selecting one of the following options.

Cleaning & Preserving:  There are several reputable dry cleaners in the Dayton area who can clean and press your gown before the wedding, but also clean it afterwards and preserve it as a keepsake for many years.  Properly cleaning your gown will prevent any stains from setting into the fabric as well as any yellowing.  Reputable cleaners will hand-treat each gown — as well as the veil, gloves, wrap, etc. — to protect embellishments and lace.  The cleaners will perform an anti-sugar treatment on the gown to ensure that all sugar, salt and acidic stains are removed.  Gowns are then steamed to remove wrinkles and placed in a ph-balanced, acid free, archival-museum quality chest or box.

Dayton area cleaners include Heider Cleaners in Kettering (937/298-6631) or Long Cleaners in Miamisburg, Beavercreek and Fairborn (800/936-7076).

Selling:  Many brides decide to sell their gown for various reasons.  This can be done through word of mouth, online sites, or through a consignment shop.  Brides should research area shops to determine the best consignment rates and policies.  One such shop is Lorelei’s Boutique in Centerville.  The consignment period is typically 60 days and you receive 40% to 60% of the sale price.  You can learn more by visiting the shop at 43 W. Franklin Street in Centerville, view the website at, or by calling 937/528-6861.

Donating:  Another option for your gown — and an honorable option at that — is to donate your gown.  You can take your gown to local thrift stores, Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  There are also many wonderful programs for donating — you can have your gown made into burial dresses for infants, or donate it to terminally ill brides or brides with financial hardships.  You can learn more at and search for “meaningful places to donate your wedding dress”.

Regardless of the option you choose, the important thing is you should NOT do is nothing!  Your dress will have added value and meaning by choosing to preserve, sell or donate it.

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