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Couples’ Advice: Secrets to a Stress-Free Wedding

Prevent Those Dreaded Wedding Mishaps:  Straight Talk From Those Who Know Wedding Planning First-Hand

Real couples share their stories and offer straight-talk advice about how to prevent those dreaded wedding mishaps from happening to you. These couples have been where you are and want you to have the information they wish they had before their weddings!

I’ve just returned to my desk from a very unpleasant meeting with my boss.  See, I’ve been planning my wedding for the past eight months and, admittedly, I am doing 95% of it while at work.  It has not gone unnoticed by my boss that every time she tries to call me or comes to my desk, I am on the phone with the venue, or the caterer, or trying to find a DJ.  Now I am under disciplinary action and one more occurrence of handling personal issues while on the clock will result in my termination!  Oh how I wish someone would have told me how much time it would take for me to plan this wedding on my own!  What could I have done differently?
It takes the average person about 200 — or more — hours to plan their wedding over the course of 6 to 18 months.  Planning involves phone call after phone call, taking time off work for meetings with vendors who likely are not available after normal work hours.  But, a professional wedding planner can handle all the details of planning a wedding in half the time!  TLC Events & Weddings is able to make all of the phone calls and meet with the numerous vendors during regular hours so that your time at your job can be spent actually performing your duties!  I can handle all of the necessary arrangements based on your wishes and wedding vision — bringing you into a vendor meeting only when absolutely necessary!  And, because I have developed relationships with the best vendors in our area, I can negotiate the best deals and arrange for necessary meetings with you at a time that is convenient for YOU!
My invitations have just arrived from the printer and they look so beautiful!  But wait — what is THIS?  Oh no!  My future mother-in-law’s name is spelled wrong!  I’ve called the printer and they have documentation that I approved the proof.  How am I ever going to tell my fiancé about this — especially since it really IS my own fault!  I was so busy with all the other details of planning this wedding that I forgot to proofread the invitation text and just quickly sent an email approving them.  I assumed the printer wouldn’t make any mistakes.  How could I have avoided this horrible mistake?
As an experienced wedding planner and former executive level administrative assistant for many years, I have an eye for detail.  It was my job every single day to ensure that nothing left the office with a misspelling or poor grammar.  This situation could easily have been avoided by hiring a wedding planner; I would have put my proofreading skills to use to ensure that everything was perfect on those beautiful invitations — and would have prevented an uncomfortable situation with your future mother-in-law or an additional cost to have the invitations reprinted.
I was a DIY bride and recruited friends and family to help set up the tables at my reception.  After all, we were only going to have 8 tables to set up — no big deal, right?  Just a casual Sunday afternoon wedding and outdoor reception.  We provided all the disposable tablecloths, cups, napkins, plastic flatware, and the centerpieces.  I had 8 people scheduled to arrive early to take care of this so that my fiancé and I could be getting dressed for our pre-ceremony photos.  But I should have known better — because only half of them showed up at the designated time!  So, we both spent 45 minutes in 85 degree weather showing our friends how to arrange the tables, where to set up the gift and cake tables, where the food would be set up, and how to hang the decorations at the gazebo.  I felt like I needed another shower by the time I was done running from the gazebo over to the patio, and back again.  Luckily I took deodorant with me, but by the time I was in my gown and had my hair and makeup done, I was already exhausted!  How could I have avoided this situation?
TLC Events & Weddings can provide staff to help with table setups and the placement of centerpieces and basic decorations.  If your décor is complex and requires heavy lifting or the use of ladders, we can recommend agencies who can provide trained staff for hire.  We will also create a very detailed Wedding Day Timeline which we will review with every vendor and service provider in detail to ensure that everyone knows their responsibility and required arrival time!
Whew!  I finally made it to the wedding day and the music is starting.  Time for groomsman #1 to walk the mothers down the aisle and seat them.  Yes, that went off without a hitch and he has taken his place in the gazebo.  The song is playing, but wait a minute!  Why is groomsman #2 already walking down the aisle with bridesmaid #1?  He is supposed to wait until the next song starts!  I KNEW we didn’t rehearse this enough yesterday!  Oh this is terrible!  This is the same song my fiancé and I are supposed to walk down the aisle to — I had the timing perfectly planned and now it’s all thrown off because his brother went too soon!  Now the other groomsman and bridesmaid have to wait while the first song continues to play.  It seems like it is taking forever and the guests are looking around wondering what is going on!  Finally, the second song starts and I cue them to start down the aisle!  This isn’t a huge disaster, but it obviously made the guests wonder why there was such a long wait between groomsman #2/bridesmaid #1 and the rest of the bridal party!  What could I have done differently to avoid this situation?
TLC Events & Weddings provides Wedding Day Management & Coordination.  We will create a very detailed timeline for both the ceremony and the reception to ensure that everyone arrives on time, that the ceremony timing is spot on from processional to recessional, and that the reception flows smoothly.  We will attend your rehearsal and ensure that everyone fully understands their role and the overall timing of the ceremony.  On the big day, we will be on hand at the ceremony to cue musicians and every member of the bridal party as to when it is time to head down the aisle.  We will oversee the reception to ensure that your guests are fed in a timely manner, that the cake is cut and served, and that the party begins before guests grow impatient or bored!  Your wedding will take place without a hitch with us overseeing all the details!

“TLC Events & Weddings” will handle all the details of planning your wedding AND will be on hand on the big day to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  You both should feel like guests at your own wedding, and should never have to worry about anything going wrong!  We will be there every step of the way to ensure that your dream wedding is one that you AND your guests will remember fondly for many years to come!